Urban life is a statement, not a style.
    Our nature is twisted, made of social conflicts. We are against the flat system all around. No one can stop us from changing the urban style, we create ideas and style.
    Fashion don't have to be worn casually, nor outside the runway. Trust in urban culture: be in charge of personal self-expression, not an excuse to be pretty, popular and charismatic.

New Horizon

Argentine bombshell and actress, Bélen Rodríguez, photographed poolside by Italian photographer Joseph Cardo in sunny Malibu, California wears the most coveted Marciano Collection yet. Welcome to the new horizon. Creative Director: Paul Marciano Photographer: Joseph Cardo Models: Belèn Rodriguez and Guillaume Dolmains Photographer: Joseph Cardo Make-up Artist: Christina Isac Hair Stylist: Lollo Cherubini Stylist: Elisabetta … Continue reading

Modern Warrior

Capturing the spirit of the woman warrior, enriched with distilled refinement, metallics, smoky eyes and dark mouth, magnetic reflections, rich and multifaceted layered expressions where the preciousness, as in the most concrete style, is communicating by subtraction. Futuristic textures, epitomized by the sculptural perfection, that looks bold and sophisticated, irresistibly visionary. Celebrate the warrior spirit … Continue reading

L’Homme Savage

My wild and free side unsettled some and unwedged others. I need this wild life, this freedom. You always have to remember – no matter what you’re told – that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway. Photographed by JOSEPH CARDO

Time to Sparkle

Abiti da sera e gioielli: il connubio perfetto. Seta, pizzo e ricami per gli evening dress più esclusivi, da illuminare con una pioggia di diamanti e pietre preziose. Foto di Joseph Cardo. Fashion editor Valentina Cassieri. Capelli Guia Rigattieri / Atomo Management. Trucco Claudia Marchetti / Greenappleitalia.com. Manicure Sole e Luna Beauty Project / Atomo Management. Modella … Continue reading

Best Face

Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign-Representing the multifaceted man of their universe, Antony Morato enlists models Caspar Peteus, Edward Wilding, James Smith, Dale Toogood and Leebo Freeman to front their spring/summer 2014 campaign. Capturing the essence of different occasions and diverse lifestyles, the models present their best face in an eclectic wardrobe offering. Photographed by Joseph … Continue reading

Color Codes

The beautiful model Milou Slouis seen by Joseph Cardo for WHO*S WHO Spring\Summer 2014 Campaign. Metal background, water and reflections. Milou Slouis, Li Wei and Birgit Kos by Joseph Cardo in a series of full-color images for catalogue. Hairs Valentino Perini. Make-up Lina Montanari.

Modern Heroine

Firm strokes that tell a story of vulnerability, loneliness and unexpected feelings A painting charged of erotism. A contemporary woman. A modern heroine. Fashion Designers NUMERONUEVE Model RAQUEL BALENCIA Photographer JOSEPH CARDO Hair Stylist HENZO LORUSSO Make-Up BARBARA PASTORE Produced by GROUNDSTUDIO

Language of Clothings

The language of clothing is as complex as the spoken word, but ignorance of it is no excuse. Model Magnus Lindgreen – (The Fashion Model Management) Hair Stylist HENZO LORUSSO Make-Up BARBARA PASTORE Choreographic Dress Assistance PIETRO DI MATTEO Stylist ANDREA GENIALE and GIOVANNI ZAGARIA Photographer’s Assistants GIUSEPPE D. and IGNAZIO S. Concept LIBERICREATIVI Photographed by JOSEPH CARDO … Continue reading


L’argilla, il sole e l’acqua si mescolano, si fondono, si decorano a formare un paesaggio lunare affascinante e mutevole: I CALANCHI. L’aspra paesaggistica della Lucania sud-orientale compreso fra le valli del Sauro e l’agri del Basento. Il territorio dei burroni lampeggia al sole come fa uno specchio, il vento nascosto tra le RUGHE della TERRA … Continue reading

Gentleman and Bohemien

Brief extravagant lives, perpetually on the edge, but lighted by the fire of art and the false hopes of breaking free from society constrictions. Musicians, writers, painters, models. These were the main characters of an alternative lifestyle, made notorious in the 1850s by the writer Henri Murger. A cliché that from that moment will always … Continue reading

The Color of Beauty

For its fall/winter campaign, WHO*S WHO taps top models Julie Ordon. Julie Ordon, Maxime Van Der Heijden and Eloisa Fontes shot by Joseph Cardo in a series of full-color images for catalogue. Hairs Valentino Perini. Make-up Lina Montanari.  


TATA Italia Campaign A/W 2013-2014 A timeless atmosphere, a background that turns to an absolute gray, geometric poses  and intense net lights. These are the elements that characterize the images of the new 2013/2014 fall/winter campaign of Tata Italia. Elegant colors alternating with rigorous black and white scenes, framing the models Daria Popova and Jonathan … Continue reading

Different Styles

Antony Morato Fall-Winter 2013/14 collection recalls the styles that defined fashion history over different ages. Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. Photographed by Joseph Cardo Styled by Carlo Ortenzi. Make-up by Barbara Pastore. Hair Stylist Enzo Lorusso. Models: Mattia Regonaschi – Isaac Carew – Jack Lyons – Norman Theuerkorn – Fabian Nordstrom – Calin Sitar – Matthiew Inglese.

El Jardín Secreto

Spanish supermodel Raquel Balencia photographed by Joseph Cardo “El Jardín Secreto”. Creative Direction: Liberi Creativi. Make-Up: Barbara Pastore. Hair Stylist: Enzo Lorusso

Anna Valle portraits

Anna Valle is photographed by Joseph Cardo and styled by Luca Stefanelli for the new issue of the Fope Jewels Campaign. Make-up and hairs by Letizia Maestri.

Into a New Season

An informal classicism, an irreverent elegance. Casey Taylor interprets the new VICTOR COOL Spring/Summer 2013  advertising campaign. Viewed from the Joseph Cardo’s lens. Assistant Giuseppe D. Stylist Donato Panucci Make-up+Hair Enzo Lorusso

Look at Me Now

A beauty shoot extracted from Alcott SS 2013 Campaign. Model Laura Mayerhofer (Incoming Talents) Make Up Barbara Pastore Hair Stylist Enzo Lorusso Photo Assistants Michele C + Carmine S. Location GROUNDstudio Production Supervisor Daniele C. Photographed by Joseph Cardo


Antony Morato confirms its careful vision of menswear. By binding several styles he can evoke  suggestions arousing from different cultures, far or near, past or actual, satisfying multiple  needs of a style aware man. Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2013 campaign Photographed by Joseph Cardo Styled by Carlo Ortenzi.


Still clinging to its origins and charming, crossed by the silence of ancient olive trees, sharped cliffs and white sandy beaches. A place where you can to delight with the glamor and purity of small ancient cultures that have become modern. The south that opens to the world, a cosmopolitan land chic and dynamic, a territory in … Continue reading

Joseph Cardo blumarine Sposa Ethereal Sense

Ethereal Sense

When the desire of flying over the daily routine comes from inside. Images captured from Blumarine Sposa 2013 Advertising Campaign. Photographer and Creative Director Joseph Cardo

joseph cardo raquel balencia diary shadow game fashion luca barra

The Shadow Game #02

In a game between shadows, where an intense gaze and a dark attitude are the only weapons to play, the final result could only be brilliant. When you are convince that a daredevil pose, will take you anywhere, you can only take the path of darkness. Raquel Balencia and Emilio Flores, both requested spanish top … Continue reading

The Shadow Game #01

In a game between shadows, where an intense gaze and a dark attitude are the only weapons to play, the final result could only be brilliant. When you are convince that a daredevil pose, will take you anywhere, you can only take the path of darkness. Raquel Balencia and Emilio Flores, both requested spanish top … Continue reading

joseph cardo julie ordon who's who

Glamorous Colors

The brightest colors and the timeless beauty of the supermodel Juile Ordon are the ingredients that melt perfectly together in the new shots of Joseph Cardo for the Who’s Who 2012-2013 Fall/Winter Campaign. An iridescent indigo color frame that plays between lights and shadows that highlight the sculpted features of this seductive blonde Venus.

joseph cardo sharon stone diary shine of a woman

The Shine of a Woman

The Shine of a Woman. The seductive attraction of Hollywood is instantly recognized in this Joseph Cardo´s new shooting. A clear mood to give value what is more important, the real shine of a fascinating woman. Sharon Stone, Los Angeles, SCREEN Professional 2012 Campaign.

Charm in a Modern Boy

The sharpness of gestures of the supermodel Laurin Krausz and the deep grey of the GROUNDStudio’s background, are the mirror in which any trendy man looks, dynamic and casual, synonymous of contemporaneity. Photographer Joseph Cardo. Image captured from VICTOR COOL last shooting campaign. 20th June 2012  

Joseph Cardo Emilio Flores

Ocean Lover

Waikiki, Oahu 2012. Breathtaking natural beauty, warm turquoise waters, exotic floral scarlet paradise. Living the sea as the first love. There is always one beach for eachsoul. Because there is no place in earth as Hawaii. Model Emilio Flores Photographer Joseph Cardo Image captured from ALCOTT’s last shooting campaign. Oahu, 27th April 2012

joseph cardo diary from here to eternity raquel balencia


Being there for GOLDEN DAYS. Giving others what they expect. For REACHING everything, or maybe nothing. Just ETERNITY. Studio, July 2010 Dress by BOTTEGA VENETA | Jewelry by Narsete Comite Luxury Design DIOR Make-Up | YVES SAINT LAURENT Lipstick Model RAQUEL BALENCIA (ELITE Model Management) Stylist TIMM B. | Make-Up BARBARA B. | Hair Stylist … Continue reading

joseph cardo emporio armani parfum world campaign


EMPORIO ARMANI he/she fragrances. World Campaign. Image from the advertising shooting for GIORGIO ARMANI beauty. GRUONDstudio, November 2008. On eyes GIORGIO ARMANI cosmetics | On hairs L’OREAL Paris. MakeUp BARBARA P. | Hair Stylist ENZO L. Photographer’s assistants NICO P. | CARMINE S. | MICHELE C. Photographed by JOSEPH CARDO

Joseph Cardo The_Next_Age


A VISIONARY image suggesting a FUTURE, that may follow us. An APOCALYPTIC scenary, a livid ligth, a TRAVELER. Or maybe, just life, as a JOURNEY. SALINA, April 2008. Produced by GROUNDstudio | Model MIHAI NEGHIRLA (Major Model Management) Stylist BRUNO F. | MakeUp BARBARA P. | Hair Stylist ENZO L | Photographer’s assistants MICHELE C. … Continue reading

Joseph Cardo Two Sides


TWO SIDES for the same gaze, two looks for the same woman. STUDIO, 01 March 2012. On Eyes, GIORGIO ARMANI Cosmetics. On Lips, NARS Cosmetics. On Hair, TIGI Professional Model FARDAU VAN DER WAL (Fashion Model Management Milano) Stylist MARIKA G. | MakeUp BARBARA P. | Hair Stylist ENZO L. Photographer’s assistants NICO P. | … Continue reading


Image captured from RELIVE’s last shooting campaign. STUDIO, 14 December 2011 Knitwear RELIVE MAN. MAC_NW 15 Powder Foundation brune skin tone. TIGI Professional hair products. Produced by GROUNDstudio Model ANDERS LINDSTROM (JOY Model Management Milano) Stylist ALESSANDRO A. | MakeUp BARBARA P. | Hair Stylist ENZO L. | Photographer’s assistants: NICO P, DANIELE C, GIUSEPPE V. Photographed by JOSEPH CARDO


Raquel at my studio, August 2011